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50 Popular Books For Third Graders 2022

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50 Popular books for Third Graders who love reading

  1. Fly on the Wall By Remy Lai
  2. City Spies By James Ponti
  3. Artemis Fowl By Eoin Colfer
  4. James and the Giant Peach By Roald Dahl
  5. Anne of Green Gables By L.M. Montgomery
  6. A Wish in the Dark By Christina Soontornvat
  7. Sarah, Plain and Tall By Patricia MacLachlan
  8. The Bad Beginning: A Series of Unfortunate Events By Lemony Snicket
  9. Merci Suárez Changes Gears By Meg Medina
  10. From the Desk of Zoe Washington By Janae Marks
  11. P.S. Be Eleven By Rita Williams-Garcia
  12. Big Nate: In a Class by Himself By Lincoln Peirce
  13. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle
  14. Black Brother, Black Brother By Jewell Parker Rhodes
  15. The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson and the Olympians By Rick Riordan
  16. When You Trap a Tiger By Tae Keller
  17. A Place to Hang the Moon By Kate Albus
  18. The Crossover By Kwame Alexander
  19. Amari and the Night Brothers By B.B. Alston
  20. Shuri: A Black Panther Novel By Nic Stone
  21. Flying Over Water By N.H. Senzai, Shannon Hitchcock
  22. The Graveyard Book By Neil Gaiman
  23. Bud, Not Buddy By Christopher Paul Curtis
  24. The One and Only Ivan By Katherine Applegate
  25. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing By Judy Blume
  26. The Hobbit By J.R.R. Tolkien
  27. Front Desk By Kelly Yang
  28. Diary of a Wimpy Kid By Jeff Kinney
  29. Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh
  30. Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures By Kate DiCamillo
  31. Cape: The League of Secret Heroes By Kate Hannigan
  32. Sisters By Raina Telgemeier
  33. El Deafo By Cece Bell
  34. Things Seen from Above By Shelley Pearsall
  35. Bridge to Terabithia By Katherine Paterson
  36. Gone Crazy in Alabama By Rita Williams-Garcia
  37. The City of Ember By Jeanne DuPrau
  38. Clean Getaway By Nic Stone
  39. Coraline By Neil Gaiman
  40. The Mysterious Benedict Society By Trenton Lee Stewart
  41. Sanity & Tallulah By Molly Brooks
  42. Middle School: Get Me Out of Here By James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts
  43. Simon B. Rhymin’ By Dwayne Reed
  44. Wonderstruck By Brian Selznick
  45. Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky By Kwame Mbalia
  46. Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly
  47. A Wolf Called Wander By Rosanne Parry
  48. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban By J. K. Rowling
  49. Because of Winn-Dixie By Kate DiCamillo
  50. Dragons in a Bag By Zetta Elliott

Many parents are looking for books to read with their children in third grade. There are many options available. You can try a few different book series or get them for free online. Here are a few popular book series to consider.

In addition, we’ve listed the best books for third graders by age level. You’ll find something for every child’s interest! If you’re looking for great books for your child, these recommendations will be sure to please!

Grade 3 reading books PDF

As children continue to read for pleasure, they begin to discover their favorite genres. Some of these genres include mystery, fantasy, adventure, history, and sci-fi. For reluctant readers, these books will surely hook them.

Graphic novels and funny tales are also great options. In addition, you can read more about the genres your child enjoys by following our list below. We hope you find a few books that your child will love.

Recommended Grade 3 book list

Pippi Longstocking is a popular book that focuses on an energetic and charismatic main character. This book will have your child eagerly following Roz’s adventures.

Pippi is particularly popular with boys. The book includes many opportunities for discussing reading comprehension. Young children can learn about cause and effect, problem and solution, and how characters change throughout time. Whether you’re looking for a new book or a classic, your child will love this story.

A great book for reluctant readers is Anna Hibiscus by Barbara Parks. This simple story will appeal to third graders. Other popular third grader books are George the Monkey and Geronimo Stilton. George is captured in the jungle and brought to the city.

He is curious about the city. This is a classic chapter book for third graders, and the illustrations are sufficient to keep your child interested. Once you’ve finished reading this book, you’ll want to purchase the next one!

Books for 3rd graders free

If you want to teach your children the importance of reading for pleasure, you can start by reading these popular children’s books. These stories are fun and entertaining and will get kids interested in reading for fun, at the same time making new friends.

The following list will offer ideas for popular books for third graders. These stories will encourage young readers to make inferences. They will love the fun illustrations throughout these stories. If you want to teach your child about the importance of reading for pleasure, consider these free books for third graders.

The Golden Frame series is a fun series about a magical golden frame that can transport children to other times. With full-color illustrations, these books feature realistic characters and a little bit of art history.

There are also tons of adventure and a ticking clock to keep the story moving. Children will love the realistic and humorous antics of the Fletcher and Iggy Frangi families. This series is a must-read for any third grader who likes a funny book.

Best book series for 3rd graders

If you want to introduce your child to the world of dragons, the best book series for third graders is probably Ramona Quimby. Beatrice is the same kind of fun third grader, but she’s a dragon instead of a lizard. In addition to being a dragon, she also has an iguana best friend, Wendell.

While many children will be put off by her unusual appearance, the series is an excellent introduction to the animal kingdom and a great way to keep kids reading!

Another popular book series for third graders is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, one of the first kid’s books I read long ago. This book series is fast-paced, and the illustrations are full of varied fonts. The story follows Charlie Bucket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, where he encounters many adventures along the way.

Because the plot is so exciting, it’s a great choice for students who enjoy vampires and other supernatural happenings. In addition to being fun, the books also help students learn how to draw conclusions. This is an important skill for many third graders and diverse book subjects should be encouraged in a third grade classroom library.

Popular books for third graders

Best chapter books for 3rd graders

If you’re looking for great chapter books for third graders, consider one of Alex Morgan’s stories. The Olympic gold medalist has created a series of books aimed at kids who are transitioning from leveled readers to longer chapter books.

These books are made for kids who have mastered basic language skills, and they include six-page chapters and illustrations on most pages. They feature a boy who feels unwelcome in his new town and is assigned to befriend a dragon. Also, you might want to pick up a copy of Mike’s childhood, since it’s based on the author’s own experiences.

It’s hard to choose the right chapter book for your child, as their reading abilities vary greatly. Luckily, there are a few tips you can use to select the best chapter books for third graders.

The first step in choosing books is assessing your child’s reading level. Some kids are already excellent readers and can handle longer books like Stuart Little with ease. Others are still working on their reading skills and need more challenging books to reach their full potential.

Classic books for third graders

There are many great classic books for third graders. Some of the most popular books include the Harry Potter series, The Secret of the Unicorn, and The Gruffalo: Harry Potter is a good choice for developing reading in children.. These books are all about overcoming obstacles and learning to work together to overcome the bad guys.

If you want to help your child develop a love of reading, you should start with these classic books. Your child will love them! You can find them in the library or online.

When your child is in the third grade, they start to learn more about the importance of reading. They may find a special meaning in contemporary classics, and you should consider reading them to your child.

These books are often easier to read than their classic counterparts, and your child will appreciate the unique style and meaning that these works have to offer. Also, classic books are great for alternating read-alouds. This will help your child learn how to read on their own, and you’ll enjoy the added bonus of having a little help.

When your child reaches the third grade, they will be looking for more challenging material. There are many classic books for third graders that can help you engage their interest. For instance, you can find books with challenging stories about different characters and settings.

You can also find books in classic genres that teach children about a specific subject. This type of great resource combines factual information in the form of a story. You might want to look for books that focus on specific subjects, such as history or nature.

Books for 3rd grade boys

Chapter books are a great choice for children in the third grade. They are short and have simple language with illustrations. These books are great for reading aloud, and they can also be a fun way to get your child excited about reading.

Many of these books also feature funny characters. The best part is that these books are also easy to read on your own, too. Whether you’re reading a new book or reading a classic, these titles are sure to keep your boy interested and occupied.

Another great series for young boys is the Max graphic novel series. This series has seven books about a kid superhero who is transformed into a potato. The storyline is classic and will appeal to your son.

There’s no doubt that your third grade boy will enjoy this series, and it’s sure to make you feel good about reading it. In fact, it’s one of the most popular books for third grade boys.

Books for 3rd grade girls

If you want to pick up a few good books for your young daughter, consider these favorites for 3rd grade girls. These books have a storyline that your little one will love, and you won’t have to worry about getting a bad review, because these titles are sure to please.

These books can be found in most libraries and online. Some of them are even interactive. You can even download an app that allows your daughter to read them for herself.

The popular books for 3rd grade girls are often written with an interesting topic. For example, a book like “A Little Princess” by Nikki Grimes can be interesting because of the writing style. Kids can relate to Dyamonde’s struggles at her new school.

While the book is simple, it tackles issues like friendships and the challenges kids face in school. There are also a variety of books about friendships for little girls that will be helpful.

Picture books for 3rd graders

Popular picture books for third graders will entertain your child and teach them a variety of lessons. For example, this classic series is a great choice for teaching about the life of an orphan. In this book, four orphans live in a boxcar and are excited to be part of a science fair project. But when the experiment goes wrong, Jessie and her siblings investigate the cause. This is a great book to introduce new vocabulary.

Roald Dahl’s “Winnie the Pooh” series is an excellent choice for teaching social skills and character development. This series introduces children to real-life witches, as well as an orphan boy who lives with his grandmother and overhears a Grand High Witch’s plan to turn everyone into mice. This story will teach young readers to use their imaginations to overcome fears and challenges.

What Are Third Graders Reading?

What are 3rd graders reading

If you’re wondering, “What are third-graders reading?” then you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover popular reading books for third-graders, how to download 3rd-grade reading books for free, and some easy picture books for third-graders. Read on to learn more about this age group’s favorite books and get inspired to choose a few of your own!

What is the 3rd grade reading level?

The reading level of third grade students is typically between 12 and 25. It is very important to find out what level your child is at so that you can select appropriate reading materials. The best way to do this is to focus on helping your child read for enjoyment and develop their comprehension skills.

At the same time, you should provide leveled reading materials that are fun for your child to read. Start off with Fantastic Mr Fox: if it’s too easy, move up a level. This will allow them to take ownership of the reading process and the method can be used from second grade on up to middle school.

They will also be more likely to enjoy reading more than they do now, particularly if they are into adventure stories (and all kids are!)

If you’re worried about your child’s reading level, you can always discuss it with your child’s school. Third graders are usually comfortable reading chapter books on their own. However, they still need a lot of practice reading aloud. They should focus on books with a Lexile 400 to 650 and Guided Reading levels L-P. Most 3rd graders should read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle with ease.

Popular reading books for grade 3

As a third-grade reader, your child is ready to expand his or her vocabulary and read more complex stories. There are many new titles available on the market, as well as classics. These books are great for reading aloud and can be alternated to encourage your child to read independently.

Alternate reading with reading aloud to prevent your child from losing the story arc. These popular reading books for grade 3 will help your child become an independent reader and enjoy reading independently.

For the adventure-loving third-grader, there are some classics that you can read together. The Phantom Tollbooth is a wonderful choice that will capture your child’s interest. The storyline is classic and the illustrations are suitable for newly independent readers.

This book is also a great choice for young children who enjoy mythological creatures. It will also be a great read for parents. If you’re a parent, you may want to consider giving this book to your child as a gift.

3rd grade reading books online free

One of the best ways to increase your child’s reading skills is by giving them access to free third grade reading books online. There are hundreds of these books available online, ranging from short stories to classics. Many of them are free of charge and available for download in a variety of formats.

This makes it easy for parents to share them with their children and give them a variety of reading material. You can also make your own reading lists by choosing a genre or grade level.

KidsReading.com is a great website for free online children’s books. You can download them as PDFs or read them online. The site is divided into four different levels, which is helpful for students who are struggling. Most of the books are colorful and require students to click through each page to read them.

This site has newer books and allows parents to listen to them read aloud. Alternatively, you can download a free audio book from the library or a free CD.

Easy picture books for 3rd graders

If you’re looking for an easy picture book for third graders, look no further. There are many books to choose from. These stories are designed to help young children develop reading comprehension and literary analysis skills. Many of these books can be paired with activities that reinforce reading comprehension and literary analysis.

In addition to simple reading comprehension activities, picture book activities can help students develop the skills to make text-based predictions.

The easiest picture books to teach third-graders are those that focus on a specific theme or feature prominent historical figures. Younger kids will be drawn to a funny story that will make them laugh. A story based on a personal narrative can also be an excellent choice for this age group.

A list of picture books is the perfect tool for teaching children about story structure, character development, and more. The following list contains classic and new titles that will help children develop their reading skills and develop independence.

An award-winning graphic novel, Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo, is another easy picture book for third graders. This book is full of adventure and twists, and is perfect for visual learners and reluctant readers alike.

The illustrations in this book will encourage your child’s imagination and develop their creative writing skills. Whether your child is a beginning reader or a more advanced reader, this book will be a favorite read-aloud.

Printable 3rd grade reading list

If you’re looking for a great printable 3rd grade reading list, look no further. This list features hundreds of books and a free lesson with each book. These free lessons vary from comprehensive unit studies to novel guides to discussion questions.

All books are required for a lesson, and they can be borrowed from the library or purchased from Amazon.com. But if you want a more extensive list, you can always go to your local library to check out the titles.

For younger readers, you might choose some classics, such as The Candymakers by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This book tells the story of an indentured servant’s journey from childhood to adulthood. Other classics may include The Twits by Roald Dahl, which follows two miserable monkeys.

Children might also enjoy the story of the first Thanksgiving, which tells the story of a boy who drops a magical crystal by a peach tree, and The Thanksgiving Story by Jon Scieszka, which tells the tale of a young boy who grows up to become an accomplished sailor.

Best books for 3rd grade girls

The 3rd grade reader is becoming more independent and wants to discover the best books that are out there. There are many books that appeal to 3rd grade girls, including graphic novels and mysteries, but they also like stories with funny characters.

For parents who want to read together, this list will help you choose the right book. This list is divided into two categories: new books and classics. You can read them together, or alternate between reading them alone. This will allow you to maintain the story arc.

Children love mythological creatures, and Elliot Eisner’s adventures will delight them. He is tapped to join a secret organization that protects these magical creatures. His adventures take him around the world. His newfound independence allows him to solve complicated problems, and his illustrations make the book easy to read.

This book is suitable for newly independent readers, but will also appeal to older children who are interested in the mythological creatures.

List some classic books for third graders

If you’re struggling with the concept of a classic book, you may be surprised at just how many there are! This list includes classics, new books, and books you can read aloud to your child. For a fun alternative to reading aloud, list some classic books for third graders that your child will love!

If you’re unsure what books to read aloud, consider alternating them with a few new titles. Alternate reading so that your child doesn’t lose track of the story arc.

For third-grade readers, try Milo and the Three Little Pigs by Judy Blume. This story about a boy named Milo and his mysterious journey is sure to capture the interest of your child.

You’ll love the storyline and the characters, too! It’s one of the classic books for children, and it is guaranteed to keep your child entertained throughout the entire story. It’s perfect for a summer afternoon or a rainy day.

Best easy-reading chapter books for 3rd graders

The best easy-reading chapter books for 3rd-graders are those that are fast-paced and offer an interesting storyline. These books are great for students who are reluctant readers, but want to continue reading for pleasure.

Some of them also include books that are designed for visual learners. The best easy-reading chapter books for 3rd graders are the ones that offer a balance between fun and learning.

As your third-grader reads more independently, look for a series that includes familiar characters and exciting new stories. Whether it is a graphic novel, a mystery, or a classic, there is bound to be a chapter book that your kid will love. You may also want to consider reading the books aloud and alternating between two or three of them. This will prevent your child from losing track of the story.

This is the perfect book for 3rd graders. The story follows a kid named Peter who has to make his way through school. He is also the classmate of another kid, and his problems are all his fault. Then he makes some friends and tries to impress his new classmates.

This book will help kids overcome their shyness and make them grow into confident readers. You can even give this book to your child as a gift: it’ll become on of his good friends.

A Book List For 3rd Graders

List of books for 3rd graders

A list of books for third-graders should include a wide variety of genres. Some examples of good books include Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco, The Littles by Peterson John Lawrence, and Muggie Maggie by Beverly Cleary.

The list also includes Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren. The list is intended to be a starting point, and you can choose from it based on what interests your child.

Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco

Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco is a delightful novel that explores interracial friendship and service. When young Patricia wants to buy a hat for her black friend’s gramma, she goes to a hat shop owned by a Holocaust survivor who happens to be her surrogate grandmother.

After purchasing a hat for her friend’s gramma, Patricia returns home to find the hat she’s been looking for and discovers that the hat is a fake.

Polacco’s illustrations are stunningly detailed, capturing the emotional depth of the characters’ faces. She uses a broad white background to show the rich detail of the characters. The language of her characters is just as rich and expressive as her illustrations, making them outstanding models for budding writers.

Moreover, the storyline is engaging and makes readers want to read on. This story is a perfect choice for children with a passion for literature.

The Littles by Peterson John Lawrence

The Littles are a series of children’s novels written by John Peterson. First published in 1967, these books have been adapted into an animated series by DIC Entertainment.

The Littles are a favorite of many children and parents, and are now a part of your children’s home library. You can also purchase the books to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. We’ve got the scoop on the series!

The Littles by Peterson John Lawrence is one of the most popular children’s books of all time, and the book series has stayed popular for decades. The fresh cover art of the books has given them a modern look.

Peterson’s stories feature a family that lives within the walls of the Bigg house, providing for their needs and keeping the house in good repair. In addition to these beloved books, Peterson has also written a few other series that have proved to be a huge hit.

These books are recommended for children ages nine to twelve, and have been adapted into an animated series and Saturday cartoon. The series has also been the basis for two full-length animated movies. The Littles is a beloved children’s series that has inspired both a Saturday cartoon and two full-length animated films.

If you’re looking for an entertaining and informative children’s book, look no further than The Littles by Peterson John Lawrence!

Muggie Maggie by Beverly Cleary

The Newbery Medal-winning author Beverly Cleary has written a new book called Muggie Maggie. This middle-grade novel is about an eight-year-old girl who refuses to learn how to write in cursive.

It features illustrations by Kay Life and Tracy Dockray and a narrator in the voice of Kate Forbes. It has been translated into Spanish and French. It has a good binding and is a 70-page chapter book.

The plot isn’t particularly original, but the story is filled with nostalgic details that make it a delightful read. The title character, Maggie, is not very likable and doesn’t want to take up the position of mail messenger. She tries to convince Mrs. Leeper to let her be the mail messenger, but she does not like the idea.

She would rather use the computer or print out her letters. Eventually, she becomes the laughing stock of the class and a frequent visitor to the principal’s office.

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

Pippi Longstocking by Astride Lindgren is a classic children’s novel, published in 1945 by Rabén & Sjögren. The book was illustrated by Ingrid Vang Nyman. It has since been translated into over 40 languages and contains new illustrations. As a result, it is still one of the most popular children’s novels of all time.

One of Astrid Lindgren’s most popular books, Pippi Longstocking is a cherished children’s book character. In this biography, Pernille Fischer Christensen explores the author’s life and career as an unmarried teenage mother, an outspoken advocate for women’s rights, and an acclaimed editor. She shares her thoughts and experiences with an engaging and informative biography.

Astrid Lindgren was born in 1907 in Sweden and began her writing career in a newspaper office. In addition to children’s stories, she also wrote a war diary during World War II. After the publication of her first children’s book, Pippi Longstocking, Lindgren began working on a sequel called Pippi in the South Seas.

Lindgren was a prolific author, writing over 100 books and receiving many awards including the Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1958.

The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Catling

The Chocolate Touch is a children’s book written by Patrick Skene Catling and first published in the US in 1957. It tells the story of John Midas, who is thrilled when everything he touches turns into chocolate.

The story is based on the myth of King Midas. It is an ideal book to read with your child. It has been adapted into a movie, which has been very popular with children.

The story follows John Midas, a hapless boy who loves candy. He is so obsessed with chocolate that he won’t eat anything else. One day, he finds a mysterious coin while walking to a friend’s house. He spends the coin on a box of chocolate.

But what he didn’t know is that the box only contained one chocolate ball. Midas eats the whole thing, and the next morning he wakes up to discover a world filled with chocolate.

The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling is an enchanting book for children, and it’s a perfect choice for a special holiday or a birthday gift. It’s perfect for young readers who love fairy tales!

It’s full of magical moments and delightful details. It will delight children of all ages and will make them laugh. However, there are certain plot twists that make it a wonderful read.

A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond

If you’ve never read A Bear Called Paddington, you may not be familiar with the story. It’s about a bear who came from Darkest Peru. He traveled with suitcase, hat, and jar of marmalade. He was very unusual. It’s a great book for children of all ages. Here are some of the main characters and events from the story:

The author was a cameraman for the BBC children’s television show Blue Peter, and his stories often feature references to the show. The story was first published as Paddington’s Blue Peter Story Book, and was later adapted into the film of the same name.

A Bear Called Paddington is suitable for ages four and up. It will delight young readers with its charming characters and charming language. The story is a delightful and nostalgic read for the holidays.

While A Bear Called Paddington follows a familiar storyline, it has a unique twist. Paddington has his own problems and needs, and is ultimately rescued by his parents. He must solve these problems in a morally justifiable way. The story’s underlying message is that it’s okay to help others and to be different.

While the story may have many children’s book elements, it’s important to remember that children dislike to be patronized, and that they like to see heroes come out on top.

Catwings by Ursula K Le Guin

This popular series is back with an updated edition for Fall 2006. Mrs. Jane Tabby isn’t sure how her kittens have wings, but she is thankful for their amazing flying skills. But can she explain it? What is the secret behind their wings? Read on to find out. Adapted for a new generation, Catwings will be a new favorite for kids of all ages.

As one of the most popular fantasy series, the second installment of the Catwings series continues the story of Mrs. Jane Tabby, who can’t understand why her kittens have wings. Thankfully, these fliers never get lost in the woods. Their new found abilities help them navigate the world.

However, their abilities aren’t perfect. Their flight abilities are very hard to explain, but they aren’t the only ones who are grateful for their wings.

The first novel in the Catwings series is a delightful story of four siblings who have wings. They live at Overhill Farm. Their mother lives in the city, but they miss her terribly. Their mother and siblings decide to go to her city. In their absence, they discover a black kitten who has wings. This is the beginning of a beloved series and will remain a treasured memory for ages.

The Chalk Box Kid by Clyde Robert Bulla

The Chalk Box Kid is a delightful book about a boy who discovered a mysterious power and began to use it to draw on walls. Gregory is a nine-year-old who lives in a new neighborhood and goes to a new school. He is lonely and has an extremely lonely birthday.

But then he discovers an abandoned chalk factory behind his house. By using it, Gregory has discovered that he can draw on dark brick walls.

This award-winning children’s book, which has just hit its tenth anniversary, is a powerful tale of perseverance and determination. In this uplifting and inspiring tale, nine-year-old Gregory finds his voice in art and discovers his place in the world.

This story will delight a new generation of children. While you’re reading The Chalk Box Kid, try to get the latest book by the same author.