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How Much Does A Blog Post Cost?

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How much should a blog post cost?

Based on the physical and psychological ability to write about two significant blog posts a day (not counting other posts), a seasoned blogger worth hiring will rarely charge less than $ 150 per post.

If you study blog posts closely, you may run into a cost issue, as the writer’s hourly pay for that single purpose may outweigh the benefits.

You will run into higher rates for pay-per-project authors, and pay-per-word authors may even charge more for a longer blog post. When they charge a fee per word, authors often quote between $ 0.10 and $ 2 per word.

Some of them are billed by mail or all words, while others are actually billed by words, which affects the quality of the letter. By Mail – Some bloggers charge a flat fee for each post, usually with an agreed word minimum.

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Easy way tp work out a blog post cost

How do bloggers get paid?

Using this method can lower your blog post cost because you only pay for the length of the blog post you receive, and it is often the fairest way to rate a blog post with experienced writers.

Ultimately, wherever you are in the price range for blog posts, you want the cost to be low compared to the overall metric you get from the content. Maybe this post will cost you $ 100 or $ 200 per post; but if you don’t need to interfere, it’s worth it. Or paying a little extra to really create good content that your visitors will want to read and share.

Your marketing strategy revolves around the needs of Google and your target audience, so make sure you hire a content writer who understands SEO and knows how to improve your blog posts for better results.

From keyword stuffing to click-baiting and more, writers can’t afford to sacrifice readability and quality to try and get clicks. The beauty of blogging is that you are generally not tied to the strict formatting rules of traditional “rules” of writing that can make your content boring.

You need a more realistic and specific structure to attract a freelance writer and manage your blog’s editorial calendar. The cost of blog posts varies depending on the experience and skills of the writer, and if your business needs the perfect content, you need to look for top-notch blogging services.

Do blog writers earn?

Writing costs vary widely, but you can usually expect to spend somewhere around $ 70-120 on a high-quality 1,000-2,000 word blog post.

You can find writers on sites such as Upwork, or apply for writers by posting jobs on sites such as ProBlogger. Then contact the authors you can find there—some on sites such as Elance or even Craigslist—and they will write a blog post for $50-200.

However, blog posts by top writers can cost you as little money. Like 2,000 dollars. If you have the ability to spend an hour or two to manage a low-cost writing process, then you may need to pay $5 to $40 to publish, of course, this does not include your time.

It also depends on what you want them to do, but it’s safe to have a minimum budget of $ 500 a month for writing costs if you expect 1-2 articles to be filled out by a good writer every month, but if you want to take on a business like learning how to write an ebook with one of your freelancers would be a more budget project.

How do beginner bloggers make money?

It might sound great to start at $ 0.20 per word for blog posts, but if you can’t find clients willing to pay that amount, you won’t be making anything at that rate. Fasting can cost up to a hot lunch or hundreds of dollars, so it’s best to understand what you’re getting for your hard-earned money.

Just as you can pay very different prices for a pair of pants in different stores and at different price points, you can pay very different prices for blogging services.

How often should you blog to make money?
How do bloggers get paid usually?

Some of the best corporate bloggers charge more than $800 per article. The cost of a poorly written blog post can range from $5 to $50, and the cost of a high-level blog post can range from $1,000 to $2,000.

How much should I charge for a 1500 blog post?

The most common blog posts discussed by most freelancers cost about $100 per basic article, although more technical articles may cost more. As mentioned above, the minimum amount charged by any experienced and reputable professional blog content author may be approximately $150 per 500 words (including all the steps above).

For calculation purposes, we adhere to the industry standard and assume a freelance writer will perform a basic initial search based on our detailed briefing and write a 1000 word blog post for an average of $ 275, albeit for quality. We are looking for in this article we must move to a higher level of the spectrum.

How often should I blog to make money?

A content marketing agency costs an average of $ 250 to $ 1,000 per blog post, depending on the complexity of the content, the research needed, and the number of services needed. As for our agency, our team will also post content for you and teach your teams how to track, measure and calculate key metrics from your blog posts.

Every industry and market benefits from blogging: healthcare, information technology, education, financial services, government and community services, manufacturing, human resources, non-profit organizations, fashion and beauty, and more.

While we can’t tell you the exact cost, we hope the tips and tricks we’ve provided are enough to help you make a more informed decision when deciding to hire a writer for your next blog. Now that you’re starting to master your voice and want to move on to a more ambitious content program, consider hiring a guest blog post writer first (to help you promote your content and get featured on other sites).

A guest post author can help you create content that can then be submitted to other blogs (to attract targeted readers and boost your domain’s authority). To increase production, you can outsource your content writing to professional writers.

How many posts should I have before I launch my blog?

If you want your name to appear in all of your articles (perhaps you are building your brand or founding your area of ​​expertise), you can hire ghost writers.

Plan to pay between $ 34 and $ 135 for a freelance blog post with a full-time editor, depending on the experience of the author and the length of the post.

Solo writers can charge between $ 25 and $ 150, depending on the length of the article and the amount of research needed. The advanced writer rates can be well over $ 100 per piece, although usually what you get is worth it if you can afford it.

Good writing quality for each article can be good for periodic blog posts or regular updates, say two or three per week, but don’t expect to find one that works for you full time as they usually only write to increase their income or numerous obligations that prevent them from doing a large amount of work.


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