How Many Sentences Are In A Paragraph?

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How Many Sentences In The Average Paragraph?

A paragraph is defined as a group of sentences dealing with the same topic. Each paragraph must have a topic sentence and this is usually found in the first sentence after the introductory opening. Everything that follows after that will be a support detail to the original topic sentence. For easy undestanding, no more than 5 sentences are recommended.

In this article, we will examine how many sentences there should be in a paragraph and why it matters.

You might be wondering what determines how many sentences there should be in a paragraph and that is up to you to decide but if you put more than five then your reader will feel like they are reading a block of paragraphs.

Does a paragraph have to be 5 sentences?

A paragraph doesn’t absolutely have to be 5 sentences long. It’s just a recommendation based on readability and the purpose of your writing. For example, are you writing a novel or a blog post?

It is known that you should not have more than five sentences in a paragraph, but there are also instances when you might want to have only one sentence or two sentences depending on your writing style.

Ernest Hemingway wrote short paragraphs with only one or two sentences and it was refreshing and simple to read as opposed to lengthy paragraphs with multiple sentences.

Video – How to write a good paragraph

How many sentences in blog post paragraphs?

Blog posts for mobile need short paragraphs, that contain one or two sentences to keep readers interested.

When you have too much text, it can be intimidating and readers will be less likely to finish reading the whole article. If you want to write for mobile then you must consider having short paragraphs with one or two sentences.

If your writing style is such that you write longer paragraphs with more than five sentences then you should consider adding subheads in order to break up your larger paragraphs into smaller paragraphs.

The Many Advantages of Longer Sentences

Longer paragraphs encourage people to read for longer periods of time, but they can become bored.

Readers will be more willing to read long paragraphs if broken up with images or charts. A reader can skip over parts that they don’t like if most of the piece has been written in a short paragraph style.

This makes the content more valuable as you will have provided them with more information on the subject matter and they will end up liking what you have written if it has been written in a way that is interesting to read.

Do Longer Sentences Make Your Writing Better?

How many sentences for blog posts?

How many sentences does a paragraph have for blog posts?

If you are writing for print then it is true that longer paragraphs can be better to read.

If your page width is smaller than 80-100 characters then you will tend to have short paragraphs because the reader doesn’t get to see as much of the sentence and this can be irritating for some people.

However, if you write in a long paragraph style then you will get your message across by including more details, therefore your readers won’t feel like they have only been given a short snippet of information.

When people read online then they don’t really care about the length of the paragraph because they are not reading on paper. It’s much more important to space the sentences out, so readers are not presented with big blocks of text.

This is why sub-titles are important.

Tips to Write Really Good and Interesting Paragraphs

Many people believe that a really good paragraph is one that has had a lot of thought and time put into it.

The problem with this is that most readers notice this, which can put them off, and they will be inclined to skip over them thinking that they are not worth reading.

A really good paragraph does not have to be long, you can have paragraphs with only one or two sentences as long as they are interesting and written in a style which the reader will like.

This means you need to be original if you are striving for similar writing styles to those previously mentioned.

How many paragraphs should a blog post have?

The length of a paragraph is totally dependent on the content that you are sharing with your readers.

In some instances, you will be able to convey your message within a single paragraph. In other circumstances, it will require additional paragraphs to be written so that you can be more informative.

You must also remember that the number of paragraphs in a blog post is not as important as the amount of quality information you provide when writing blog posts.

How many sentences are in a paragraph on average?

How many sentences should be in a paragraph for it to make sense?

How Many Sentences Should Run On One Page?

If you have really long paragraphs and they run onto two pages then this can seem overwhelming and intimidating.

This is particularly ture for your reader if they are just scanning or looking for something specific.

You should aim to keep your reader on each page for at least a few minutes so that they can fully read it and absorb the information that you have provided.

How long does it take to write an article?

If you are writing for print then it can take around ten hours or more to write 1,000-word articles.

For online writing, you can complete articles within a much smaller amount of time and sometimes in less than an hour.

You must have a proper draft which contains all the facts and information before starting so that this will speed up your writing time.

If you do not find your article interesting then don’t worry – do more research, because there is quite a lot of content available online.

How many words does the average paragraph have?

If you are writing for print then you will tend to have paragraphs that have between 150-550 words. The average is 300 words.

Online writing should be much shorter than this because it is supposed to be easy for the reader to read and understand so that they stay on your page.

Having too few words can make your article seem like there isn’t enough information in order for the reader to find it interesting.

How many sentences makes a paragraph?

Different writing styles and purposes have different numbers of sentences in their paragraphs.

For example, a thriller novel needs to have simple sentence structure and plenty of dialogue to break up large chunks of text. If not, the reader will become bogged down in too much text.

A blog post has a completely different structure. Over 60% of blog visitors use mobile phone, which compress the text blocks sideways in, so that it fits nicely on the screen.

If a paragraph has too many sentences then the user sees a big block of text, which is difficult to read. That’s why this blog post has only one or two sentences per paragraph.

How many sentences in one paragraph for easy reading?

How many sentences should be in a paragraph to be read on a mobile?

Paragraphs with more than one or two sentences are difficult to read on mobile devices

I often find that informational websites like wikipaedia, edu and gov domains have big blocks of text, often uninterrupted by any images or tables to break the monotony.

Sentence length is also important. For example, the longer the sentence, then in general, the higher the reading score. The ideal score for blogs is 15 years.

Table – Writing styles compared – number of sentences per paragraph

Writing purpose

Average sentences per paragraph

Average words per sentence

Reading age (years)

Crime novel








Legal document




Blog post




How much sentences is 5 paragraphs?

The number of sentences in 5 paragraphs depends on the purpose of the writing:

  • Blog post – 10 sentences/paragraph
  • Crime novel – 25 sentences
  • Non-fiction – 35 sentences
  • Legal – 60 sentences per paragraph

Is 12 sentences too long for a paragraph?

It all depends on the purpose of the writing. There’s no hard and fast rule! (See table above.)

The only criteria really is to ask yourself questions:

  • Is the writing going to be in print or on the internet? (Think mobile viewers)
  • If you break the 12 sentences into smaller chunks, does it still make sense?
  • Is grouping 12 sentences together essential for the overall intent and meaning of the text?

A greta way to work this out is to ask a few of your friends to read it and give their opinion – it always works!

Can a paragraph be 500 words?

A paragraph can be as many words as you like, but 500 words is an awful lot for one paragraph.

For example, if writing a blog post of 1500 words, that would make 3 paragraphs. It would look awful on any internet device and needs breaking up into smaller paragraphs.

As well as having 2 or 3 sentences to a paragraph, use tables and images to break up text. It provides a more interesting experience for the reader.

How long is a 100 word paragraph?

A 100 word paragraph for a novel is about 8 to 10 sentences.

How many sentences should be in a paragraph?

This is entirely up to the writer. You need to assess the range of reading skills of your audience and what is the purpose of the writing.

Novels have short paragraphs so that the reader can move quickly down the page and get drawn into the story.

Blog posts have very short sentences of 1 to 2 words, so that mobile users are presented with huge blocks of text that are difficult to read.

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