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How Many Plots Are There?

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The researchers note that author Ronald Tobias came up with 20 “basic plots”, including “loser”, “metamorphosis”, “ascension”, and “descent”.

How many plots are there in a story?

So, you’re going to see different opinions on how much of the storyline is in the novel. There has been a lot of discussion over the years about how many different types of plot, story or dramatic situations exist.

Over the years, writers have come up with different ideas about how many different types of stories there are. So now that we know how many types of stories there are, let’s take a look at these types of storylines under the microscope.

While you can fit almost any story you can think of into one of these three types of stories, this is overly simplistic and doesn’t do much for observing the actual structure of the story. Remember that in the six main story types, we follow the main character’s story arc, but stories with strong secondary characters will use more story arcs.

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How many plots are there?

Many fictional works contain multiple storylines and different characters experience their own dramatic situations; this is common in modern television series where the main story arc takes place, but where there are smaller arcs in the background featuring certain characters.

How many plots are there in literature?

All characters have an imaginary dramatic life curve that exists outside of the plot through which we write them. So the plot is a snapshot of a certain moment along the dramatic curve imagined by the characters. During a storyline, it is helpful to have the storyline begin with the character going through a clear peak or trough in their dramatic journey.

More complex stories often cover more of the character’s dramatic curve. The textures of “The Man in the Hole” and “Icarus” are more complex and include much of or the scale of the dramatic curve. They are more epic in nature and often span a wider scope than a dramatic curve.

What are the 7 major story types?

The most popular are those that follow the arcs and stories of Icarus (rise-fall) and Oedipus (fall-rise-fall), which follow more complex arcs using the basic building blocks in sequence.

I won’t list them all (you can easily find them with an online search), but they range from easy (The Quest) to moderately difficult (Revenge) to more difficult (Metamorphosis) and up. Ronald Tobias, in 20 Basic Plots and How to Construct Them, shares about twenty types of stories.

How many types of plots are there

Professor Matthew Jokers of the University of Washington and later researchers at the University of Vermont Computational History Laboratory analyzed data from thousands of novels to identify six basic types of stories—we might call them archetypes—that form the building blocks for stories.

The researchers used sophisticated data analysis to pinpoint the words associated with positive or negative emotions in each story to reveal a set of narrative arcs.

Researchers at the University of Vermont’s Computer History Lab analyzed 1,737 Project Gutenberg stories — all in English, all fiction — through a program that analyzed their language for emotional content.

What are the 36 plot types?

The researchers scanned more than 1,700 stories into a computer and used data mining to find words that convey positive or negative emotions to reveal the most common storylines. Recently (and perhaps interestingly), the University of Vermont got a paper from one of the theorists, Kurt Vonnegutz, and used a powerful computer program to analyze data on 1,737 fictional stories.

Scientists in Vermont say they combed through more than 1,700 works of classical literature using language processing filters and found only six textures in English-language literature.

How many basic plots are there?

Ate there just 7 or 36 basic story plots?
What are common short story plots?

Vonnegut ran several thousand plots of well-known stories through a computer and found that there were actually six types of stories. It is often said that in all literature there are only a certain number of basic plots, and that any story is really just a variation of these plots.

Many scholars, most notably author Christopher Booker, believe that there are only seven main narrative plots in the narrative: structures that are recycled over and over again in the narrative, but inhabited by different settings, characters, and conflicts.

While there are certainly thousands of ways to tell these seven stories, the idea that all stories fall into one of these seven categories is always controversial.

Although The Seven Plots is the most cited text today, Booker is not the first to suggest a limited number of story types. Almost every story, from Cinderella and Romeo and Juliet to Oedipus and Icarus, fits into one of six plots, the researchers said.

Almost every story, from Harry Potter and Romeo and Juliet to Oedipus and Icarus, fits into one of six plots, the researchers said.

How many plots are there in a short story?

The researchers acknowledge that “there have been various attempts at hand-coding in the past to list and categorize major story types according to plot”, such as Foster-Harris’ 1959 assertion that there are three basic plot schemes (happy ending, unhappy ending, and Tragedy), or the seven basic plots of Christopher Books.

On the one hand, there are an infinite number of plots, on the other hand, they can be safely divided into general concepts, as these writers did. If we, as fiction writers, keep this in mind, we can see the plot in a different light.

How events unfold in the world of the story, and how the author reveals them to the reader. In every type of story, there are individual characters that play a huge role in how that chapter of your personal story unfolds. There are also numerous subplots and connections between them that complicate the emotional arc of each book.

Are there only 36 plots?

None of these formulas are enough to write a novel or a screenplay, but they can all remind you of the structure of a story that readers and viewers know and expect.

But understanding—and most importantly, embracing—things like the dramatic twist and narrative arcs that are typical of stories can help you feel and discover your stories with natural beginnings, dramatic twists, and endings.

All stories, even real ones, have a plot, and especially when writing fictional non-fiction, you must be aware of the parameters you are following or exceeding.

What are the 7 plot structures?

Similarly, story types that use the Rebirth story type to describe their hero’s journey can have an almost limitless variety of approaches to that story.

Christopher Booker, author of 7 Essential Plots, boils down all narrative to 7 basic archetypes that make up all narrative throughout history. A major new analysis of more than 1,700 stories has revealed the basic plots that make up the building blocks of complex narratives.


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