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How Long Does It Take To Write a 1000 Word Blog Post?

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An inexperienced blogger could take more than 6 hours to put together a good quality 1,000 word blog post. A blogger with some experience could write a 1,000 words blog post in about 3 hours. 30 to 45 minutes of solid research into the topic will be time saved and improve the blog post quality enormously.

How Long Does it Take to Write a 1000 Word Article?

Writing a blog post of 1000 words is enough to have your content seen by many people, but why not 2000 words? Or 3000 words?

A lot of bloggers write these types of posts under an hour. So if you are looking for something medium length and detailed enough, 500-1000 may be the range to go for. Like most things in life, it takes time for quality material to develop.

Expect a 5000 word blog post to take at least 10 hours, or maybe even several days! It all depends on the effect you’re trying to achieve.

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It can take anywhere from half an hour to 6 hours to write a 1000 word blog post. A lot of bloggers just use google docs for their blog posts, so it can be faster.

If you are writing something on your own PC then it will take longer, depending on how fast you type.

It all depends on who is writing the article and what they are wanting to accomplish with it.
Most people have their own methods of getting the article done quickly or taking time with it, whichever they prefer/need at the time.

The length of a blog post depends on many factors, including the following:

1. The length of the words you are using
2. Length of sentences
3. Number of paragraphs
4. Length of paragraphs
5. Content required to make the message clear
6. How good your writing skills are
7. Length of time you have to write this blog post – you have a deadline?

How many words should a blog post be?

The word count isn’t everything, but the following are some general rules for word counts:

  • 100-200 words = Twitter
  • 300-500 words = short article/social media post
  • 500-1000 words = medium article
  • 700-1500 words = essay or range for medium blog post
  • 1000+ good information post for a web page
  • 2000 to 5000 – main pillar post of blog

Do you need to know the word count for your blog post? Not really, but it’s never a bad idea to know how long your blog post is so you can plan yourn writing time.

But if you don’t know, don’t worry too much about it. The length of a blog post depends on many factors as listed above.

How many Paragraphs and Sentences in 1000 word blog post?

When writing a blog post of 1000+ words, try to avoid using 5-6 sentences per paragraph as it becomes difficult to read and understand what you are trying to say.

If you have been typing up a storm and find that the paragraphs have much more than three or four sentences in them, rewrite them into shorter paragraphs with less sentences per paragraph.

This way, your blog post becomes readable and shareable, particularly on mobile.

How do you write a 1000 word blog post?

A 1000+ word post needs substantial content if you are trying to accomplish anything. That could be getting likes on Facebook, getting followers on Twitter or bringing readers back to your site repeatedly.

If you just want to write about something you enjoy, then this is really up to your creativity. Think about it this way: would you rather read a 500-word post full of detailed, helpful content or a 1500-word post that is only half full of real information? i.e. filled with ‘fluff’.

It’s easy to see that the 500-word post with good information is much more interesting. There are many tools out there that will help you see your word count quickly. Some are paid, some are free.

Writing a 1000 word blog post on WordPress

There is an in-built word counter within WordPress. Simply go to the dashboard of your blog and click on “Posts” in the left hand menu, then click on “Add New” at the top right side of your screen.

Then click on “Visual” tab at the top left side of your screen, and there you will see an area labeled “Editor”. It looks like a dark gray rectangle with white text boxes inside it. If you hover over that area it will tell you what to do next.

How many paragraphs in a 1000 words blog post?
How many sentences in a 1000 words blog post?

How Many Paragraphs Should a 1000 Word Blog Post Be?

A 1000 word blog post is considered to be a short-to-medium length article. There is some debate as to how many paragraphs a blog post should have, and the answer will depend on your target audience.

For some people, it’s as few as 5 or 6. For others, many more. Generally speaking though, the more paragraphs you have for your content, the easier it will be for people to skim through and find relevant information.

Since your goal here is to reach a wide audience and get them interested in reading more of your content, it’s probably best if you aim for a paragraph of just 2 or 3 sentences.

This way, people won’t tire of reading and there will still be enough information for them to find value in what you wrote.

How do bloggers get content ideas?

“Out of sight, out of mind.” If you are not blogging every day then your blog posts are out of sight to your readers…and they are more likely to forget about you. Here are some ways to find ideas for new blog posts on a regular basis.

1. Communicate with your readers. It is hard to know what topics are most interesting to your readers without asking them. Keep in mind – they don’t have to give you ideas, just understanding your audience is very valuable.

2. Look at the last 10-20 blog posts you have written for similar topics. Let’s say maybe 5-10 of them were on a particular topic or theme that was very popular with your readers, then that is what you should focus on more. Use Google Trends for keyword focus, or content benching software like Buzzsumo for blogger focus if needed.

3. Use Social Media – Twitter and Facebook are the two most popular ways for you to communicate with your followers and followers of your followers. Keep an eye out for things that other people are saying about a topic, and then respond to those comments.

4. Read other blogs daily – Use Google Reader or Feedly to monitor these blog posts for ideas for new blog posts or only read the ones you find interesting.

5. Read books to get ideas about content. For instance, if you recently read a novel by John Grisham, then type in “John Grisham” into the search bar on Amazon and see what kind of books that author has written in the past (he wrote several legal thrillers).

6. Create a list of questions that can be answered with blog post content. Here are some examples:

How to’s – 10 ways to __________.

Factoid – 100 interesting facts about _____.

Startup ideas – Top 10 industries of the future. Who will win? Why?

7. Go crazy! Being an entrepreneur requires you to constantly think outside your comfort zone. If there is something really interesting happening in your life, then write about it on your blog.

It could be anything from a new class you are taking at community college, or that vacation you took to Hawaii, or the latest experience you had at the DMV.

How long does it take to write 1000 words?
Can you really write 1000 words in 15 minutes?

A Beginner’s Guide to Writing a 1000 word Blog Post.

One of the easiest blogs to write is a 1000 word post about a topic that is either highly personal or equally important within the industry you hold a passion for.

A 1000 words written in this manner can increase engagement by as much as 300%, plus it has much higher chances of being shared and commented on, reaching out to a large audience much sooner.

Why a 1000 Word Blog Post? Why not 500 words, or 2000 words?

It’s a breeze to write a 1000 word blog post. Just brainstorm two or three topics that you have been interested in lately, and immediately have a topic for your blog post ready to go.

In the most ideal of cases, you may even come up with your 1000 word blog post completely on your own, without any prompting from anyone else at all, which is always the goal of writing an effective blog post.

A 1000 words gives you plenty of room to cover all aspects of the topic you choose to write about; it is not like using 500 words for content where you can’t really go into too much detail or cover enough ground effectively.

What writing software do bloggers use?

When you’re writing content for the web, you want to grab people’s attention and not lose them. Long-form blogs posts can be hard to read and intimidating, but they’re an effective content strategy for driving traffic and converting visitors into leads or customers.

This is because Google rewards longer articles with higher rankings in search results.

Keep in mind, however, that the length of your post doesn’t matter if you can’t make it worth reading. Write in a way that draws people in and makes them want to read the entire post.

Structure your thoughts clearly.

Top Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

Are you a beginning writer? If so, you may be looking for blog post ideas to improve your skills and start your career as a blogger. There are many different types of posts.

But for this article we will not be looking at how to write a list post, nor how to create an infographic or start an infographic blog. Instead we will focus on long form content. Long form content is any type of article that is over 1000 words.

When we refer to long form we could also call it “evergreen” content because it will continue to have value over time.

Can you write a 1000 word blog post in 15 minutes?

This is a difficult question to answer because no one is the same. What I would say is that the time it takes to write a 1000 words will vary from person to person.

It can take as few as 5 minutes for someone who has extensively written before to outline a post. Planning post structure is crucial.

When you first start writing, you will be tempted to just “get it all out there” and write as much as possible without stopping to edit or proofread.

This can become a problem because, as we know, spelling and grammar mistakes take away from the effectiveness of your blog post hooks and visuals.

What steps to take to write the perfect 1000 word blog post

  1. Write a blog post idea about your topic
  2. Write a introduction and research your topic and it’s relevance to be relevant with the context of the world today
  3. Create engaging imagery that supports your ideas
  4. Add at least 2 quotations from someone without attribution
  5. Create an effective title
  6. Write the first paragraph of your blog post
  7. Write the second paragraph
  8. Write the third paragraph
  9. Write the fourth paragraph
  10. Write the fifth paragraph
  11. Stop! review what you have written and if it is relevant to what you are blogging about, question whether you can improve on what you have already written or fill in any missing details that will make it more interesting to read for future readers or viewers.

The Most Important Thing You Should Know About Writing a 1000 Word Blog Post

You are not writing a novel – you are writing an article that will be read in less than 5 minutes.

People are busy, and they don’t have time to read long articles. If you can’t explain your points in 500 words, then maybe you need to rethink what you’re saying.

Your readers will thank you for writing short, clear sentences that the average reader can comprehend.

It’s also more likely you’ll be able to produce 1000 word blog post if you focus on quantity first over quality, so write as much as you can before editing it down to 1000 words or less.

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