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How To Use Images In Blog Posts_featured image

How To Use Images In Blog Posts

Images are a key part of every blog post in this digital age. Images are what help people find what they’re looking for, what changes their thinking, and what inspires new ideas.

Images aren’t just for pictures though, they’re for everything from text to links and even stuff that doesn’t have words on it yet (like our submission form).

Guide to essay writing for beginners

Learning How To Write An Essay For Beginners

This guide is meant for students who are new to essay writing and other people who haven’t written one in a while! This article assumes you have little or no experience with essays or essays in general.
How To Write Action Movie Scripts_featured image

How To Write Action Movie Scripts

The goal of an action movie script is typically to follow this pattern that includes identifying key moments, creating tension-filled scenes where the protagonist and antagonist are competing with each other for survival.