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10 Examples Of Creative Writing

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10 examples of creative writing are:

  1. Novel Writing
  2. Short Stories
  3. Flash Fiction
  4. Poetry
  5. Theatre Plays
  6. TV and Movie Scripts
  7. Non-Fiction Narratives
  8. Creating Song Lyrics
  9. Writing Blog posts
  10. Personal Essay

Creative Writing Examples

Creative writing is the art of writing in a way that allows the reader to experience the world of the story, rather than just a description of it. The style of writing used to convey this experience is called creative writing.

The purpose of this module is to introduce the concepts of creative writing and provide examples of creative writing. The module will also discuss the writing process, including the role of the writer, the role of the reader, and the role of the writing environment.

The best way to learn how to write creatively is to write creatively. That is to say, don’t just read about it — try to put your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences into the written word.

This lets you experiment with different techniques and find your own voice, which is a crucial step in honing your writing skills. This process can also be a great way to work through difficult ideas and themes, which is why it’s important to be as open and honest with your writing as you can be.

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Examples of creative writing – fiction

1. Creative writing example – Fantasy novel plot

Writing a fantasy novel is a great example of creativity
Creative writing example 1 – Fantasy

The main character, Max, goes to a magical land where all the books are real, the weather changes overnight, and a group of good wizards exist, each with their own story of why they left their world to create a new one.

Max meets a variety of strange characters, each of whom has a tale to tell, and he is soon caught up in a struggle between the good wizards and an evil wizard, who wants to re-enter our world as a demon with the power to end evil forever.

To prevent this happening, the good wizards have to learn about evil magic so they can defeat the demon. They must also learn how to communicate with humans to convince people to join the fight against evil. This is just the beginning of the adventure, however, and Max soon finds himself in even greater danger.

The climax of the story comes when Max is chased through a portal into our world, where he discovers that the evil wizard has invaded our world, taken over the minds of humans, and is now planning to take over the world. Max has only one option left — he must go to the magical land and warn the good wizards that the evil wizard is planning to invade our world next, and that they must stop him before it’s too late.

This is the end of the story, but it’s not the end of the adventure.

2. Creative writing example – Science fiction plot

Creative writing - Example #2 - science fiction
Science fiction – an example of creative writing

This science fiction short story is set in a world where people are able to change their physical appearance at will, and the protagonist, Sam, is a woman who was born a man but always felt female.

One day, while trying on a dress in a shop, she is attacked by a group of people who want to take her appearance away. They lock her in a room, where she realizes that she has been chosen as a subject in a government experiment to change people’s appearances at will.

Over the course of the story, Sam struggles to escape and find out who is really behind the experiment and the people who are trying to take her appearance away. She discovers that the people who are trying to take her appearance away are actually people who were born the wrong sex, and that the people who are changing people’s appearances at will are actually the government, which is trying to keep people from knowing that they were born the wrong sex.

3. Example of creative writing – Romance novel

Creative fiction examples - 3. Love stories (romance)
Love stories are examples of creative fiction

This is just one example of a romance novel, which is a genre of fiction that focuses on the romantic relationships between the main characters. In this example, the protagonist is a young woman named Mia, who is a college student and in a relationship with a man named Noah.

One day, while out with Noah, Mia meets a man named Blake, who instantly catches her attention. As the two start to get to know each other, it becomes clear that there is something unusual about Blake — he is a werewolf, and he has come to town in order to find a woman named Mia so that he can turn her into a werewolf as well.

At the same time, Mia discovers that she has a secret of her own — she is a witch, and she has been chosen to be a sacrifice so that Blake can gain the powers of a werewolf. As the two start to learn more about each other and their own secrets, they discover that there might be something more to Blake than meets the eye, and that they might be more than just friends.

4. Creative writing example – Historical story

Historical novels - creative writing example number 4
Creative writing in the history genre

This story is set in the 19th Century, when women were not allowed to vote and many women were unable to hold jobs. A young woman named Laura has a secret, however: she is a spy, and her job is to travel around the United States (she is travelling during the 1848 Presidential election to see which way the votes are going) and gather information.

For most of her travels, she is accompanied by two other women, both of whom are spies too. They live together in a boarding house in New York where Laura works as a seamstress and the two others work as bookkeepers.

One day, Laura discovers that her friend is in love with her husband, who is also her boss, and who doesn’t know that she is a spy. Laura decides to tell her husband, but when she does, he tells her that she is no longer welcome in the house, and that she must leave immediately. He also tells the two women that he is taking Laura’s place as chief of the spy operation and that she is to report to him.

5. Example of creative writing – Children’s story

Creative Writing - Example 5 - Children's stories
Children’s stories – good examples of creative writing

A child named Henry wakes up one morning and is surprised to discover his mother has changed into a bird. He is also surprised to discover that the bird is now a young boy. He asks why they did this to themselves, and his mother tells him that it is because the young boy feels that his parents are no longer able to take care of him.

Henry is angry, and he runs away from home. His mother and brother try to find him so that he will come home, but they cannot understand where he is. They ask other children to help them look for Henry, but no one has seen him. After a while, Henry’s mother and brother return home, but Henry is no longer there.

He has run away to find himself a new family. Henry is happy living with a family of mice, but one day he overhears two of the mice talking. He learns that the mice are trying to figure out a way to take over the house. Henry comes up with an idea of his own, and he shows the mice how he would like their house to be run.

Henry’s new idea is that the mice should not be in charge of the house; the house should be in charge of them. The mice are skeptical at first, but they go along with Henry’s plan. Henry is now the leader of his family, and he is very happy.

6. Example of creative writing – Horror

Creative writing #6 example - Horror stories
Creative writing example 6. – The Horror Genre

A young boy is spending the night at his friend’s house. He is excited because he has never stayed the night before, and he is looking forward to playing with the boy’s toys. However, when he gets to the friend’s house, he is surprised to discover that his friend is a girl.

He is even more surprised when he finds out that his friend’s parents have gone out, and that he has the whole house to himself. He is even more surprised when his friend tells him that she has a surprise for him. He follows her into the kitchen, where he sees a small box on the table. He asks his friend what is in the box, and she tells him that she will be changing into a tiger. The boy is scared, but he does not run away.

He begins playing with his friend’s toys, and he has a great time. However, after a while, the boy becomes bored. He looks around the house, and he sees that his friend has a personal library. He wants to see what is in the books, so he goes to the librarian and asks to borrow a book.

He feels that the library is a dangerous place because the librarian’s name is not on the door. He decides to leave the house, but a strange man runs into the boy and tells him that he has seen a ghost who will not leave the house. The ghost tells the boy that he needs to go home and that he cannot stay there any longer. The boy feels very sad, but he goes home with the ghost.

7. Creative writing example – Western novel

Example of Creative Writing number 7 - The Western Novel
Cowboys and Indians – Creative Writing Example

A young man rides into a small town at the end of a long journey. He is looking for work, but he does not plan on staying long. He has just one thing on his mind: to find himself a wife, so that he can start a family. He meets with the town’s mayor, and after hearing his story, the mayor offers him a job as a deputy sheriff.

The next morning, the young man wakes up late, and he does not feel like going to work. He goes back to sleep, but the mayor finds him and lets him know that his sister was brutally murdered last night. The young man is devastated, but he agrees to go to work with the mayor. The sheriff takes the young man, and they ride into the town to find out what happened.

They meet with the mayor’s daughter, and she tells them that her boyfriend, Nathanial, broke into the house and killed her. The young man and the sheriff take Nathanial into the town jail, and they question him. He confesses to the crime, and the young man is happy that justice has been served.

8. Creative writing example – Fairy tale

Creative writing example #8 - The Fairy Tale
A creative writing example – Fairy Tales

A little girl gets up in the morning and goes to the house of the king to tell him that her father has just died. When she is told that the king is in the garden, she runs to the garden, where the king is sitting. The king calls for the priest, who asks for time to make ready for the burial.

The little girl says that she will wait with the king, and the king says that she can tell the story. The little girl tells the story of how her father died, and then she says that when she wakes up in the morning, she does not know how she will go on without her father.

The king says that she does not need to go on without her father, because she will have a new father, and he will take care of her. The little girl is happy, and she runs into the king’s arms.

The next day, the little girl goes to school, where she learns that her father has been buried. She is sad, but the teacher tells her that she will have a new father, and she will be fine. The king takes her father’s place and takes care of her. The king goes to the town every morning for breakfast, and he tells the people about the little girl.

9. Example of creative writing – Spy story

Examples of creative writing #9 - The Spy Novel
Examples of creative writing – Spies

A man goes to an important person who has a lot of information. He tells the person that he wants to work for him, and the person tells him that he can be the person’s secret agent. The agent agrees to do the job, but when he gets to the location where the agent is going to work, the agent finds it is a prison.

He goes to the prison and sees a man who has been in prison for a long time. The prisoner asks the agent why he is doing this job, and the agent says that he wants to find out what is going on in the prison. The prisoner says that he will tell him, and the prisoner tells him that he is being held there because he has a lot of money, but he does not know where it came from. The prisoner says that he was a spy, and he will tell the agent everything that he needs to know.

The prisoner tells him about the important people who come to the prison and talk to him, and the important people give him money so that he can get out of prison. The agent is happy that he can finally leave the prison, and he returns to the prison and tells the prisoner that he will be leaving.

The prisoner asks him why he is leaving, and the agent says that he has a lot of money, and he does not need to be in prison anymore. The prisoner is happy that the agent is leaving, and he gives him a lot of money so that he can get out of prison.

10. Example of creative writing – War story

Creative writing example #10 - War Stories
War Stories are an example of creative writing

A soldier is sent to fight in a war. The soldiers gets out of the plane, and is looking around. He starts walking and then the ground collapses. The soldier is in a plane that gets shot down.

The soldiers is in a plane that gets shot down then he wakes up in a field. He gets up and looks around and sees that his friends have died. Then some people come and help him and he starts walking.

The soldier wakes up and sees that he is in a camp filled with people who are sick. He has been sick, and the people take care of him. The soldier asks the people why he is in the camp, and they tell him that he has been sick and that he will not be walking any more. The soldier asks if he can help, and the people tell him that he cannot help.

The soldier returns home and he does not fit in that society. He does not know what to do with his life, and he feels that he has lost his family.

He does not understand the world, and he does not know what to do with his life. He returns home and asks his family what he should do, and his family tells him that he should help the people in the camp.

The soldier returns to the camp and he takes care of the people in the camp. He is happy that he can help the people, and he does not know what to do with his life.

Ideas for creative writing

The ideas for a novel can come from many different places. The ideas for a novel can come from your life experiences, or they can come from books that you read, or movies that you watch.

You can also get ideas for a novel by talking to other people. You can also get ideas for a novel by thinking about different situations that you have encountered in your life, or in other people’s lives.

Example of an idea for creative writing:

A student is taking a test and he is feeling very nervous about the exam. So he decides to take some drugs to help him feel better about the test.

Key takeaways about creative writing examples

A creative writer could be writing a fantasy novel or a blog post, but the same principles apply. Novels and stories rely heavily on strong character development, while other types of creative writing use different literary devices. Different types of creative nonfiction also uses these devices, but in a modified form.

The point of view of the narrative should already be set before the first draft, which tends to use short sentences that can be expanded later on. As a general rule, personal essays can be creative, while research papers tend not to be.

Using writing prompts in any writing exercise or creative writing essays is one of the important creative writing techniques used by Ernest Hemingway and others. A piece of creative writing at the high school level should include all the hallmarks of basic good writing. Good grammar, spelling, sentence construction and sentence syntax are the main elements of creative writing.

The first time one reads a story created by a pro, such as Stephen King, it strikes you that the writing flows and imbues the story with a life of it’s own. In the reader’s mind the characters are very real and well~crafted: this is the craft of a professional writer. Unique ideas professionally written is a sign of all the best authors.

A creative essay title goes a long way to persuading a reader to go on and a persuasive essay makes good, easy reading. Creative writing is imaginative writing, as the ideas come from your own imagination.

Right from the opening sentence a compelling story is the only thing making your reader turn the page. The best writers know this and novel writing, in fact any type of writing, must make the reader want to know what happens next.

Poetry writing is another form of writing that relies heavily on sensory details rather than interesting facts. It’s different from other types of writing as the words tend to rhyme, rather than be presented as prose.

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